Looking for "BRIDES" that need advice with those tough questions.

Hello Brides,

I looking for brides who need advice with those tough questions... I'm not talking about those sweet butter creme wedding questions about planning,etiquette, etc. I'm talking about the ones you want to ask but are afraid to ask or don't know who to ask such as relationships whether it be with your fiancee, parents, future in-laws and family etc.

I am currently working on a project that needs such feedback I have been planning weddings for over 16 years and in doing so I know that many issues arise and you as the Bride sometimes feel like you are overwhelmed and  have no one to discuss these things with . Your feedback would be greatly appreciated please feel free to inbox me your questions regarding the project.

All types of questions regarding wedding and relationships are encouraged.

Please email your questions that you do not want answered in a public forum to: contact@gabbigrace.com

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One of my biggest tough questions is what to do with my divorced parents who don't talk to each other. Any advice?

Hi Nina,

Yes! Please email me at contact@gabbigrace.com or inbox me.

I have a couple of questions and I want to make sure I answer your question to adress any specific concerns, for example:  in regards to parents who pays for what, seating of the paretns, decision making, step parents and sibling etc.


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