Any wedding pros have software they use to help track clients or helpful tips they do to stay organized? Especially for wedding venues

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The easiest most efficient client tracking software I have ever used is Caterease. Its pricey but in 2 clicks it generates invoices, even emails them. It maintains your contacts, expenditures and has a way to search by date of event, or by name of client. It has personalization options of an array of designer backgrounds and templates (because we are creative after all) and 24/7 customer support. Hope this helps!!!
Thanks so much! We will look into this program!

Try Studio Cloud.  It has a free desktop version, and the upgrades allow you to do some pretty cool stuff.  It is fantastic for tracking clients!  I don't use it for invoicing, etc. but you can use it for that as well.  (I already had Quickbooks set up, and wasn't going to switch everything over since I was already "committed" to it.)  But the referral tracking and "relationship" tracking is pretty cool!

Try it out before you drop a lot of money on something else.  And if you need any help setting it up, don't hesitate to ask!

Good luck!


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