Hi I am an event planning trying to get into the blogging and would love to have other vendors share there expertise in their related fields.  If you would like to share something for my blog please let me know.  I am located in south jersey 20mins from Atlantic City and you do not have to be in my area to share but if you are that is a plus. 



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I'd be happy to guest blog for other wedding professionals, we do a lot of it. My focus is usually themes, colors and trends, but if you're looking for something a little different, that's okay too -- except photography, that area is too technical for me to do justice to. Just drop me a note at blake@favorideas.com


PS, Anne Roos is an awesome writer, you don't want to miss her. :)

I'd love to do a guest post for you! I'm the owner of Bride Support (www.bridesupport.com) - a virtual wedding planning service for brides all across the US. I also do day-of services for Minnesota brides. Email me at meredith@bridesupport.com to let me know if you still need a guest blogger. :) Thanks!
just wanna change things up a little, give readers a different writing style, let readers read about a topic I havn't covered or a place I havn't been.Some ideas that come to mind are photo blogs of a trip you took to a city in Jamaica, restaurant reviews or even just travel tips like where to exchange currency, what to pack, a day trip you recommend, etc.If any one wants information about the wedding,then use the wedding app and make use of it. 


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