Hi everyone,

I'm with Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo, and while we have hosted weddings in the past, I'm really looking to grow this piece of the business in the coming year. We've stuck with the traditional mailing, ads, etc. in marketing the Zoo as a venue for ceremonies or receptions, but I'm looking for some new avenues and recently found this site. If you are on another online forum, or can suggest some creative ways you have marketed your business, I would love to hear from you!

Thank you,
Lori Mott
Development and Event Coordinator
Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo
1875 Noble Ave.,
Bridgeport, CT 06610

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We emailed our local newspaper and told them we were celebrating 20 yrs in the business and if they were looking for anything to fill some space, we would be happy to provide some content over it. They came down and did a huge spread on us which in turn was seen by a local television station and we ended up doing a community show. We never got picked up by the UP or any major network, but our news was not as interesting as a wedding at a zoo. Some media person could take that a long way. I would enjoy seeing that. With the added benefit of helping a community public asset in a tough economy. Keep plugging it whereever you can. Its a great story. Best of luck.

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