Looking for products to strengthen my hair so I can grow it out again

I'm planning on growing my hair out as long as I can manage, but I don't want it to look unhealthy or be limited on length because it's too brittle at the tips.  So, I've been looking into supplements you can take to grow really healthy, thick hair, but I haven't come across too many that have me sold on their benefits.   

Do any of you take supplements for your hair? 

What should I stay away from? 

Like are Vibrance Vitamins worth taking?  They have a pretty good rating on Amazon, but some people aren't too happy with their lack of results, so I'm skeptical. 

Is it worth going the supplement route?  I mean, we are what we eat, right?

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I think it's mostly due to diet, not products. Eat a balance diet with fruits and veggies. Or get a weave or wig, there's no shame in that either.

Because supplements never are as good as eating healthy iin the first place.

Yes healthy food is very important for thick and long hair. Also you should be very cautious while selecting hair products, try to use those which are made from natural ingredients. There are many online store where you can get natural hair care products easily.

I think you must rely on a natural diet not any of capsules or powder.They may show fast response but in the long run they will ruin your health. Add salmons, sweet potatoes, eggs, spinach,etc and eat protein rich food.You can also Google some exercises or yoga for effective results.


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