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For those of you that have to ship packages (goods) to clients, what do you find is the most cost effective servicer (if you don't mind sharing)?  I'm considering using Stamps.com. I got this offer for a free scale, and some free postage...I'm sure you've seen it. I was wondering if it was worth it or should I just use the regular online service that USPS provides or even UPS. Of course as a vendor, we are always looking to keep our cost as low as possible with the quickest turnaround to our clients.  Thanks in advance!


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Stamps.com, unfortunately UPS does not work well with clients who work during the day or don't have someone to accept packages.
Depending on the volume that you ship, almost any shipping service offers a volume discount, but I always feel that USPS is cheapest. Also, for those who think that it takes time out of your day to go to the post office, or that the client wont get it if they are not home, you couldn't be more wrong. The post office picks up your mail and packages from your own home, you can set up a one time pickup or a regular pickup service with USPS and when its shipped to your client, you can note to leave it somewhere when delivered, or to leave them a notice for them to get it at their convenience from the post office.

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I have an e-commerce luxury wedding accessory business and we use Fed Ex. The price is very reasonable and they are very reliable. It also depends on what your "image" is. USPS would be the least expensive but I have an upscale business and I also want reliable tracking.
I've actually decided to make a personal statement for my company. I will be shipping via USPS. I feel it is important to support this agency given all of the losses that they have and that they are government agency and employees. It may sound silly, but I'll do my part. UPS is horrible for deliveries too... I actually don't think that your shipping carrier denotes your image of "high end" or not, your product should.

We have used USPS for 14 years for the best prices and efficient service.  Since we are located in WA state, they can get our packages to customers in Florida in 3 days versus UPS 5-6 days.  The packages arrive in good shape, according to our customers, and USPS picks up the packages at our location M-Sat., even if we have 100+!  When we started to ship internationally a couple years ago, they were the most economical service out there and package tracking is great.  I can't say enough good things about them.  :)


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