Hi everyone! I am a wedding planner in Lancaster, PA. After reviewing my business and clients I've realized I seem to work well with clients that live out of town but are planning weddings in my area. For example I have clients that live in TX, NJ, NY,  and more but are getting married around Lancaster. Any suggestions how I can market to clients that live out of town but are getting married in my area? It's not like a destination wedding where I'm trying to get people near me to use me for a destination location. Any ideas would be appreciated!


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Hi Melissa,

How did you come across the clients you've worked with so far? :)

You can start by looking into advertising options in the areas that you have already served... business listings etc. Word of mouth is probably one of the best advertising mediums, so I would also encourage you to follow up with your existing/past clients, as a touch-base.

If you're willing to travel, look into local bridal shows in those areas.

You can also network with local wedding vendors via phone or email and let them know what you do, and what market you are looking to serve, and find out if they'd be willing to partner with you... some vendors may be willing to promote your services if you do the same for them... but a word to the wise, do your research first.

If you're travelling to any of these locations, drop off business cards or other marketing material at local wedding vendors shops.

Do you have a website? If so, you can publicize your market area that way as well.

Hope this helps!

So far they have all found me just searching online. And none have come from the same place. It seems they all used to live in Lancaster where I am but moved away but they are coming back to Lancaster for their weddings. I am going to put some things on my website about it. And contact more reception venues. And we'll see where that takes me!

Hi Melissa,

Well it sounds like your dollars on online advertising are well spent.

However, you can always look into local establishments; such as churches in various denominations, yes reception venues are always good resources, and possibly bridal salons in those areas where you might be able to promote your business. I always like to think of the timeline and see which area brides are confirming first and link my services to that industry and work from that point on, that may be your biggest lead to actively seeking new clients.

Let me know if I can help in any other way, Much luck, and if I am ever in Lancaster, I'll be sure and look you up.

Sublime Perceptions
Have you tried craigslist ? Thats how I got started. Good luck ! http://sandnames.com
I second the networking with other wedding vendors.
ditto! that's what we are trying to do too! advertize your location on a blog perhaps?
i will be following this thread!
good luck!
Anna Savino
Hey Melissa - I actually work with a site called Gig Salad. We are a resource for event planners and end clients. The client can go to our site, look up "event planner" near "Lancaster, PA," and if you have a profile, they can find you and contact you directly. It's free to sign up and can send more clients your way!


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