What do you think about bride and groom getting cash gifts from their guest?

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Most guests give cash these days or contribute their money to honeymoons or charity registries; couples get married later in life, have an established career and living on their own; the need for blenders and coffee makers as traditional wedding gifts are not as requested

Is it tacky for the bride and groom to have a website set up for them to get cash gift from their guest online?

I honestly have to say that each & every situation is different.  When I got married years ago, I was one of those brides seeking monetary gifts.  I had this information passed on through family members as well as the bridal party.  My reasoning for doing monetary gifts was due to the fact that a week after getting married I moved to Japan for 3 years & many US electrical items would not work while living out in town on the local economy.  Many of our guests understood and responded accordingly.

I agree with Red Carpet Event Planning, each situation is different. When I had my wedding hardly anyone gave money. Of course this was back in the days when brides picked out china and silverware etc. These days things are different. Some brides want money for a honeymoon, or downpayment on something. I still like the personal touch of a gift, but it all depends! ! Each situation is different. Sincerely, Lucinda Graham



I don't think there's anything wrong with receiving monetary gifts from guests as long as it's not solicited.

I agree with this. 

Most of the weddings I do, cash is the biggest form of a gift.  I will say though....write a cheque instead of putting cash in the envelope as I have heard of two venues where the envelope box was stolen.  At least you can put a stop payment on a cheque!

In Greece, it has always been traditional for a bride to have money pinned to her traditional bridal gown.  This gradually changed when giving gifts became acceptable.  The tradition of pinning paper money on the brides wedding gown at the reception, is still upheld in some remote areas in and around Greece and still rarly practiced outside of Greece, with Greek immigrants to other countries who still uphold this tradition.   In the last twenty years this has gradually changed and gifts only have become the order of the wedding day.  Presently, with the financial crisis looming in Europe, monetary gifts are the order of the day, and guests find it quite acceptable for couples to print their wedding bank account details discretely, on the invitations. This way the couple opens a “wedding bank account” and all monetary gifts towards their wedding day are deposited in the specific bank account.  The couple is able to read who the depositor’s are and send their thank you notes to them accordingly.This way there is no fear of "lost cheques".   It is works very well and is most acceptable here and the couple get to spend the gifts as they need for their new life together. What has to be talken into account here is that it is traditionally acceptable.  It all depends on where you are!

I think getting cash is a very good option, as people sometimes over spend on their weddings and later are short of cash. Getting same gifts like kitchen appliances and show pieces may not help at times. I think cash can always be saved and used for the future. I normally prefer giving cash to couples.....

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