I was just thinking back out of all the wedding gifts I got and there was one that really stood out.  It wasn't anything glamorous, but it was very practical.

It was a roll of 100-200 postage stamps.  I thought that was pretty unique and very timely.  After all we had a lot of thank u notes to send out so you see how that came in handy.


If you are married, what was your most unusual or unique wedding gift you received?

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That was a great gift! 


When we were married we received an item that was clearly being "regifted."  And it came from a husband and wife that were both in our wedding!  They had been married just a few months prior to us and I was shocked that they would do that.  The item was an ugly ceramic cookie jar.  It was so ugly that I could see why they wanted to get rid of it!



lol, i would love to see that!


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