Need a online store recommendation to buy Sophia Tolli bridesmaid dresses!

Last week I recieved my Sophia Tolli wedding dress from All went so well that now I decided to buy my bridesmaid dresses online too. Unfortunately netbride do not do Sophia Tolli bridesmaid dresses and am now desperately seeking an online shop that does them.

Any recommendations greatly appreciated.


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Thanks Caren - in fact I found two online tjformal and but cannot find any reviews online.
Do you recommend tjformal? What is your experience?
Hi, I am a co-founder of Shiny Orb, which is kind of a search engine of sorts for bridesmaid dresses. We have Sophia Tolli dresses featured in our search and they will take you to TJ Formal. Although we have ordered personally from TJ Formal, we have spoken many times with their people regarding the status and availability of dresses and they have always been very responsive.
Thanks Shiny Orb!


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