I am kind of new to this site, and love it!  However, I am having difficulty understanding how I can get my status comments on the home page.  Whenever I add my status, the home page states that I have changed my profile, and does not include my comment.  Help?

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Hello Sublime Perceptions - Are you updating your status update at the top of your profile page? To the right of your photo?
Hi Christine,

Thanks for responding; greatly appreciate it!

Yes I am, and that is what's confusing me. I may type a comment on the update your status line, and all that appears is that I have updated my profile. Am I doing something incorrect?

thank You
Lisa Swetitsch
I see that you tried this yesterday. Maybe there was a technical glitch. Can you try again today and let me know if the same problem happens? It has been working for me.
I see you just got it to work. Let me know if you have any other questions.


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