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So, i want to offer my event planning services to a local charity. But i dont know what to say in the email. Anyone know how i should word it?

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hey there! Emails can be very tricky do you know anybody affiliated with the charity? If so I would connect with them or just make a call. Another thing I have found helpful is signing up with volunteer sites and they connect you with various groups and their needs are given to you. I hope this helps and good luck.
Hi. I agree emails can be tricky, but our world seems to have evolved to that form of communication (good? bad?). I would try calling as well, but also follow up with an email. Just tell them who you are and what you would like to offer. I have recently gotten involved with a group that is not only involved in the wedding industry, but business networking, and very active in community needs. Maybe look for something like that in your area.


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