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Hi Everyone,


My name is Angela and I have started an event planning business a little over a year ago. Last year most of my work was pro-bono because i needed to build a portfolio.  So at this point i have a portfolio, client testimonies and a lot more experience then when i started.  Now im at a point where i know i can close a deal and produce events.  But my struggle now is getting clients.  I have sent contact letters to local vendors introducing my company, purchased leads but got nothing in response. At this time i am not working so money coming in is not much. Do you guys have any tips and tricks on inexpensive ways to generate business. 


Your help is greatly apperciated 





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I would register on every free wedding vendor site you can find, facebook, twitter, youtube etc and start attending bridal shows and network

I agree with Caren Jeanty.....get exposed on facebook, twitter, etc.  More importantly, spend the money and get a booth at a bridal show.   Most trade shows will supply you with a list of all brides that came through and then you have a great contact list to start with.


Drop your cards and packages at as many wedding vendors as you can such as; hair salons, bridal gown stores, tuxedo rentals, limo, d.j., photographers.  Just getting your name out there is the beginning.

Thank you for the tips. Its pretty much everything i was thinking but it nice to see from professionals that my ideas are on the right path. I have the Facebook, twitter and am on a few different sites, and will look into getting a table at a bridal show.


Thanks again for you help



I am also getting into the business, I am just starting though so I was wanting some advice on where I should start. How did you get your pro bono work for your portfolio? Was it just friends and family?

I volunteered my time through a florist.  In the process she taught me he floral business and when we came across a bride that needed help we pitched event planning. With the economy being the way it is a lot of people are on a tight budget, so it made it harder. We were selective on who we choose because some people appreciate the gesture while others were out to take advantage. We still try to bounce business off of each other but the economy makes it harder, it's sad to say it but it seems when couples are cutting costs the planner is the first to go.  But all in all i'm trying to keep a positive attitude and do everything i can to accommodate as well as make money.  If i come across any other tips and ideas ill be sure to share them,  if you want you can find me on face book and take a look at some stuff i have posted that may be able to help.


Hope this helps.




I also agree with Caren. As a bride, that's how I've been finding most of my wedding services. is where I found my dress shop and possibly a photographer.


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