Does anyone have any great articles to share about how to negotiate food and beverage within venues?

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What most people want when negotiating is get the best price possible, right? However, often times couples think that means getting the lowest price, which can lead to friction between them and their vendor. The best price is one that leaves both the couple and the vendor feeling satisfied and happy to work together. How do you do that?

Tips for Brides

Get Prepared. The best negotiators are well prepared. Know something about industry pricing and alternatives. Discuss in advance what's most important to you and your fiance. Try using a 1 to 5 rating system to tease out what is a priority so you'll know where to invest your cash. You'll also feel more confident.

Be Open. Sounds counter-intuitive to give away information when trying to strike the best deal. However, you and your vendor share a goal: having the best wedding possible. When all the relevant, meaningful information on budget, timing and other issues is available, you can work as a team to find a solution instead of adversaries.

Be Creative Yet Realistic. You can have a champagne wedding on a beer budget if you're resourceful, determined and considerate. Throw different ideas into the mix. Is there something of value that you can offer- referrals, testimonials, services- to the vendor in exchange for better pricing? Think outside the chapel!

Most importantly, remember vendors are people, too! They'll appreciate your kindness, timeliness, and support and show it by making your big day truly special.

Kelly, I hope this helps give brides a good mindset for negotiating. I'm happy to answer more specific questions if that makes sense.



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