They arrived today and we are all very excited to set them up and watch them run!

I'm speaking of our new LED "uplights" which will bring an added dimension to our services to brides and clients.  Clients have begun asking if we have this kind of lighting available.

If you are not up to speed on LED lighting, these tiny, cool-running, high intensity light fixtures have revolutionized the way we illuminate our dance floors and venues.  In addition to being very light weight, these fixtures consume only small amounts of electricity. so that a large number of them can be run without tripping breakers.  Also, they can be chained, one to another, so that all the lights respond in unison.  eg.  Want a nice sexy blue for a slow dance...a palette of rapidly changing colors for a fast dance.  Just touch the proper button on the controller.

The best part, our setup also has a tiny controller unit by which we can instruct all the lights to change colors, flash, fade up/down, chase, etc.  If we don't want to or, during an event, just don't have time, the controller has a number of on-board programs which will put the lights thrugh their paces.  Also, we can instruct the light controller to simply "listen" to the music being played and create various effect on its own.

I've already decided we're going to add additional light units so that we will be able to uplight even larger areas.

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What kind of Lights did you go for?

We got the Chauvet LEDrain 36C lights. Like them so well, I've ordered another group of them.
Nice - we use all Color Kinetic Master Blasts and Coemar Razorlites for our LED stuff..and of course have loads of conventional fixtures as well as movers.


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