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Hi all,

I'm Ebony and just launched my business.  While I have been planning events and weddings for years, this is my first official year as a business.  I have TONS of questions but I'll start with this one.  How do you get your blog out there? You know get people reading it.  I want to do free giveways and other stuff but right now, I feel like I am blogging to myself.  LOL  I have a fanpage on FB, but haven't quite figured out Twitter yet.  I want people to read it!  Ideas?  

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Hi Ebony,

Great timing. My next blog post will be about this topic. It will be on the site on Monday. Please be on the lookout for that! You'll be able to find it within our Wedding Business H.Q. section under Free Business Advice.

You may also want to read this recent post called 7 Things to Email, Tweet or Blog About.

- Christine

Thanks for this!

I'm sure Christine's post will have a lot more tips but this is a quick list of things you could start doing.

-Comment on other people's blogs. A good percentage of my hits come from blogs that I read and comment on regularly
-Update your facebook status whenever you make a new post to give your friends/fans a heads up that there's new content on your page
-Get listed on as many free directories as possible
Hi Ebony,

My business is also relatively new and we are also working hard on putting out a blog. Our traffic is definitely picking up and here are a few of our strategies.

1. Get on twitter and follow other bloggers so you can see what other people are blogging about. Hot topics? Interesting ideas? Work on developing a twitter following.
2. Tweet links to your blog posts. Retweet posts from other great bloggers.
3. Update your FB page with links to your blog.
4. Get links from and link out to other people. This also helps with search engine optimization.
5. Feature others. Usually, people will help promote a page that promotes themselves.
6. Keep going, blog regularly!

Ebony, if you're interested in guest blogging for Shiny Orb, let me know and maybe we can work something out. Good luck!
Thanks!!! This is so helpful! And but of course..I love to guest blog and vice versa! :)

I am right there with you! I think the biggest thing to just keep going! It is really important to blog 4 or more times per week. I shoot for 5 (1 for each working day). And now that I am getting more into SEO I think I should be doing even more.

Keep plugging away at it, and it will become more second nature. This forum is a great place to get ideas and guest bloggers, as well. As a matter of fact, I would be happy to do a blog swap with you. I will write a post for you if you will do one for me.

I know...I feel like I'm writing to myself write now! LOL I did just post a good blog on the "Trash the Dress" phenomenon. LOL I'm trying to do at least 4 a week. That's my goal. 5 would be good but I'm afraid I will run out of topics..LOL
Hi Ebony,

I officially launched my site and blog together along with a giveaway. I've joined every social network out there and have been constant with networking, tweeting, updates, etc. I think the giveaway coupled with the launch pulled in much needed traffic. Hope this helps.
Thanks! I actually did a freebie on Monday and got a ton of hits from brides. I did a free monogram and got about 100 hits. That works but it is a lot of time! LOL So I think I will do those a couple of times a month, I want them to be exclusive because I still want people to buy them from me too! :)


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