I've been trying to put together a bridal shoot with a Seattle model in the next few weeks. I'm already collaborating with Veils by Jules and Midnight Blossom floral design for this shoot. I will be in charge of organizing this, styling the shoot, and taking the pictures, of which I will share and give credit to those who participate.

I'd like to get as many people on board as I can, and I'd prefer to work with locals unless someone wants to send me something in the mail. I'm thinking of an invitation designer, decorator (for an outdoor shoot), caterer, anyone with accessories, make up artist, etc. I want to create an entire scene outside in a park setting. I might even end up doing 2 separate shoots with a bride and groom model or anyone wanting an engagement shoot, if I can get enough people involved. 

The hardest part about this collaboration is pinning everyone down for a date and making sure everyone is committed. I am looking at the early evening of June 24th of June, or possibly the 25th. Please email me at traciehowe@yahoo.com if you are interested AND reply to this thread to keep it closer to the top. Please only email me if you are able to commit to this project for sure! Feel free to share this with anyone, including engaged couples, who may be interested. 
I'm really excited about this! 

Thanks! :)

Tracie   traciehowe@yahoo.com

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I'm still looking for small decorative elements and a hair stylist for this shoot. Remember, I will give you free photos and credit! Anything that can be mailed, can be mailed back to you if you wish. Samples are fine too! :)


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