Has anyone seen the movie Our Family Wedding or planning on seeing it. I only saw one trailer for it and I thought it looked pretty good but I haven't really heard much about it.

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Hi there, no I havn't seen that one. But I love wedding movies, so I will deffinatly keep an eye out. Let me know if its a good one when you watch it :)

I have not seen it yet, but I definitely plan on checking it out! It looks pretty interesting, and I've been checking out Lance Gross (one of the main characters) doing a lot of promo on different talk shows. As a wedding planner, I think it might give me some insight and help me if I ever have to deal with a situation where a family is not too accepting of an interracial marriage. I would think in this day and age, that love would prevail over race, but unfortunately that is sometimes not the case.


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