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We live in Texas and we are getting married in our home state of Ohio. I was able to  have a sit down with my family  and  wedding party over the Thanksgiving holiday and we've all agreed on one issue- Shower/Wedding gifts.

It would be very hard for us  to get our gifts from Ohio to Texas. I mean, I've been here for 5 years and I still don't even have all of my stuff out of my  parents house!

Is there a certain protocal or proper etiquette for asking for money, gift cards, or to have guests send gifts themselves to Texas?

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Hi Missy,

To answer your question, etiquette dictates that you can't actually put in writing that you want cash vs. gifts.

I know it would be a whole lot easier, and some guests would not blink an eye, but comments would definately be made by the more traditional, older set of relatives. ( Old Aunt Mary the Grouch, comes to mind.)

To circumvent this problem you have a couple of options. Let your Mom, Mother-In-Law to be, and Bridesmaids do the talking for you. Word of mouth is perfectly acceptable.

Also, as far as actual gifts go, most registries will allow you to put in an address where gifts should be sent. Ask your bridesmaids to include the web sites of the stores you've registered in, and guests can simply elect to ship the items directly to you.

Yes, you will have guests that do not own a computer and found something "special" for you that you've not registered for, and would EVER think of owning. It's going to happen, but it should happen less frequently.

Hope this helps and congratulations,

Jocelyn Dunn

Dunn Wedding Design

Portsmouth, RI

You can also look into http://www.gogift.com/ and if have everything for your home you might also want to consider www.thehoneymoon.com

You can also set up with AAA a site where people can deposit money into an account with you.  That way you are just asking them to go to the site rather then coming straight out and asking for money.  I have  abride doing this riht now.


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