I'm about to redo our packages and pricing. Just wondering out there for videographers, photographers and brides what should be offered in different packages. Thanks for your input. I've really been enjoying the input on these forums! So helpful!

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We have changed our packages several times over our 5 years in business because we've found what works and what doesn't for us over the years. My suggestion is to look online for videographers in your area that you really like. How do they set up their packages? It's a good idea to take a look at your peers in your area because chances are they have a feel for the brides in the area and they have already done the leg work to see what works in a package. Feel free to check our my website and see how we do things, www.ftpweddings.com!

Hope that helps a little!
My advice is to keep the packages at 3. Three is a very strong number, and I've heard that in more than one marketing room, business meeting, and spiritual books-kooky I know.
I also agree with Liz and Jen. Check out the competition, then make a decision based on how good you think you are compared to them. Don't put your price near your competitors just because he's the closest to you. Put yourself where you honestly think you're worth.
Remember Benefits, Not Features.


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