Recently, I received a pamper the bride wedding shower invitation.  Does anyone have gift ideas besides the usual hair, makeup, manicure, pedicure, jewelry, photos idea.?  Since this is her second wedding, we are truly trying to come up with something meaningful and unusual.

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spa treatment, painting, or keepsake corsage
Thanks for your suggestions Caren. I like the keepsake corsage idea.
That sounds like a fun shower! An idea is to customize a lotion or soap with a label made just for your friend. The lotion lady might be a good resource for you if you like this idea. The lotion lady makes her own soaps and sells them at the Farmer's Market I attend. I have her lotion and it is wonderful! She has some other fun ideas on her website.
Here is her webiste

what about a set of towels for her new bathroom with the couples monogram on them? It is related to the spa, pamper type theme but she will keep them and use them for much longer!


I sell them on my website in cream or ivory:


Here are a few of my ideas:


1.  A Large photo framed of the couple, with a large white border on the sides for other couples / friends to sign their well wishes, this can be laid out at the reception hall as well, and will be a great keepsake for their whole lifetime.

2.  A digital photo frame pre-loaded with pictures from all the good times that you had with the bride

3.  A date night kit for the new couple, and bundle in things off right having a weekly date night.  Work with the other girls to make a gift basket of gift cards to restaurants that they like, movie tickets, or rental tickets, popcorn buckets, etc.  Good Stuff


Hope that helps.



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Most brides by far, have aching feet come reception and partying some point she will want to rest her feet and put on something a little more comfortable but yet fashionable...


You can give her her partying a nice pampered bride box...

Aromatherapy massage is my favourite thing, could you incorporate one of these? Not sure if you have Nutrimetics overseas (I'm in Australia), but the reps will often do bridal pamper parties, and the bride can choose between pedicure, massage, facials etc. They provide these services free of charge, but you need to have a minimum number of guests, who the rep hopes will buy products.


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What about a boudoir shoot? Make sure to find a reputable, established photographer if you go that route. Or you could put together a recipe book for her by collecting a favorite recipe from each friend/relative participating and include a note from them along with the recipe. Another idea would be a girls weekend away- maybe a 3 day cruise or trip to the beach, or a winery tour (I'm not sure where you're located so I don't know what would be practical)


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