My fiance and I would like to thank our parents at our rehearsal dinner-both for being amazing parents and for throwing us a wonderful wedding. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for unique and great parent gifts.

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Hi Lisa! Thanks for starting this discussion. Here is one idea but I'm sure other Members will have more. Why not create scrapbooks for your parents? Include pictures or snipits from moments that they helped out with during your engagement. You can also include baby (and current) pictures of you and your fiance. Or you can give them something special to wear the next day... tie, jewelry, purse, etc. Those are just a few thoughts to get their discussion started. I'm sure there are tons of other ideas!
Great topic! Some ideas:
a photo album of some of your professional shots from the wedding day
Send each of them home from the wedding with one of the ceremony floral arrangements.
Book them a couples massage with a local and trusted masseuse

Think about what you as a couple would enjoy as a couple's gift - and give it to them. Of course, keep in mind their likes and dislikes.

Good luck - please keep us posted with what you finally decide on. We can all use the extra ideas! :)
Yes, photo albums from the wedding would be great...but you can't give those out at the rehearsal dinner.

We gave my parents a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant, and gave my husband's parents season tickets to the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Both gifts were of the same amount, but they were very personal.

I recommend a gift certificate of some sort if the parents are coming from out of town, just so they don't have to try and squeeze something extra into their suitcase.
How about a scrapbook of candid photos chronicling both your lives - from childhood to the engagement. You can have some blank pages labeled "our favorite wedding photos" and have your parents place their faves from your wedding in the book. Having a creative cover would make it all the special because it comes from your heart.
How about a digital photo scrapbook of your wedding to give after the wedding or your love story, the events leading up to your wedding (this you could give to them at the time of your wedding), published into hardbound and personalized with your own words and even a dedication page with their names in it. This is totally custom designed however you like and they come in many different sizes. You could get more than one made to give to multiple family members at a discounted price with a personalized dedication page for each family member. Less elaborate but just as personal would be a customized frameable poster of you two with your own words of thanks and appreciation. The skies the limit with ScrapFree Photo Books. Check out my page for samples.

Sharon Ives
ScrapFree Photo Books
Hi Lisa,

Have you thought about a "live event painter?" I usually paint weddings or receptions but another idea would be to paint the rehearsal dinner or other wedding-related event. I set up to paint before the event begins and paint as the event unfolds. This makes a perfect gift as well as a unique work of art that captures a special moment in time. See my website at for more info.
How about a custom dvd PhotoShow? Pick photos that tell your story--baby pictures, first day of school, halloween costumes, goofing with Dad, reunions, prom, graduation.... Include photos of grandparents, family friends, parents, siblings--all the people who mean the most to you. Add motion effects & music & you have something wonderful to show at your rehearsal dinner and then present a copy to both sets of parents.

Check out my page in BridalTweet, Facebook & on the web for ideas & samples.

Nance Trombley, Green Mountain PhotoShows, 802-459-2811
well i have made many of my custom painted vases as brides gifts to parents , my inspiration is a bridal vase tradition, that usually is a gift to the bridefrom the parents, yet since the parents are married , it has a great feeling to it, and whenever there is an occassion, you can fill it for for sure!
How about a beautiful personalised poem? It's a wonderful way of telling the special people in your life exactly how you feel about them.
If I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to visit my website.

I Want A Poem
Your parents (both sets of them) must be very proud of you two! :)

When my husband and I married, we had flags flown over the state Capitol building on the day of the wedding to give to our parents. We couldn't give them the actual flags at the rehearsal dinner, of course, but we gave each of them a framed certificate (we knew that the flags would come with official certificates from the sergeant at arms at the Capitol, so we got frames in that size) explaining what we'd done and that they could expect to receive their flags in a few weeks.

They're so proud of those flags, even four years later! My husband's parents fly theirs every year on our wedding anniversary, even though they live in a different state; my parents refuse to fly theirs ("But it'll get dirty if we put it outside!"), but display it prominently in their house along with the certificate we gave them and the one that came with the flag.
What a beautiful and unique idea!
While parents love the whole photos idea, how about another concept - they have been helping to make your special day as wonderful as you had imagined. Why not give them a special day. How about giving them a couple of nights away at a very romantic bed & breakfast, spa, etc. Let them know, they have been wonderful and now you want them to relax and enjoy too.


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