She's back!!! It's Ty the bride to be and travel pro...not only am I sitting on the bridal fence, I've pitched a tent and installed DirecTv.

Anyway, so I'm leaning towards a peacock theme, with the blue as the main color. But I dont want to go over board. I will not have a cake, for example, covered in blue, green and feathers!

What say you?

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I'm using peacock feathers in my theme but only as accents. EG using a few in the bouquet and in boutonnieres etc. The main colors i have are aubergine and sage with cream, but because the dress uniforms are navy i needed something to breach the color gap which is why i chose the peacock feathers as they have all the colors in. You can also get bleached and colored peacock feathers depending on what other colors you want, they're easy to find on ebay and etsy and fairly priced.
Just use the colors with the feathers as accents. If you tables a long, place the feathers as a center runner with other accents on the tables. If your chairs are covered, use the feathers incorporated into the bows. As for the cake, use fondant to imitate the center of the eye and a small part of the surrounding area sweeping up the sides. Print copies of peacock feathers off the internet, cut them out to try out different ideas. Send pix of your ideas, would love to see them. Good luck in planning your special day.
these were from BEFORE i changed the colors last week, help yourself if you like them.
I love it. The colors are really interesting and chic in their own way. Your guests will remember your reception for sure.


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