Planners - Would your couples be interested in a $200 custom wedding video? Totally unique product.

We have started a new line of wedding products and are looking for insights from wedding planners.

One of the products is the Custom Wedding Video.  Couples either use Flip cameras we provide or send us footage from their (or friend/relative) camcorder.  We then create a professionally edited custom movie on DVD.  Starting at $199.99!  You can learn more and see some video samples here:

We think this is a valuable product based on the forums we've read and feedback from actual brides.  We position these as alternatives or compliments to the pro videographer.  In fact, we've convinced a few brides to hire a pro!

We're looking to see if this is a product planners would recommend to their brides.  What things are we not considering or should change?

Also since we are new to the wedding industry, is this something for an affiliate program?  We're set-up to give affiliates a percentage of any order from their clients.

Please respond here or feel free to contact us directly at storymix AT if you'd like to explore possible business collaboration.


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Any planners out there? I'd really like to get feedback and understand the perspective of the planner and see how we can be of value to them.



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