Poll: On May 20th, What Do Think Will Man Buy for Women?

If you know a little Chinese, you will find a surpring coincidence: May 20th is homophonic to "I LOVE YOU" in Chinese. Do you know that? -- (Let us all know your answer "Yes" or "No" in the replies:D)

Of course, it is a day for love just like our Valentine's day. So, what do you think men will buy for women? Tomorrow is 20th May, 2015. Maybe our answers will give some advice to one another this year or next year.

As with me, now, i have these anwers already:
a bunch of flowers with chocolate: love you to my dying day

a nifty suit: happy all life

a pair of shoes: guard against evil and bring good fortune

a purse: bring in wealth and riches

a dinner: well-fed and well-clothed


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