Hi ladies!  I'm considering changing into a different dress for the reception portion, mainly because my wedding dress is pretty bulky and somewhat uncomfortable (Tight!).  Not surprising to say, I won't be able to dance much in it either. I've narrowed my search down to four wonderful dresses and I need some serious help making the final decision. Let me know what you think!!! Or if you have any suggestions Im all ears!! Thanks

Dress #1

Dress #2

Dress #3

Dress #4

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Dress number 3 is heaven! :) Its so beautiful. And I just happened to see the perfect colored accessory for it! You can see it in the site for {Red-i} (here:s the link: www.redibychelsea.com/2011/10/24/caribbean-athena-agate-crystal-cha..." target="_blank">http://www.redibychelsea.com/http:/www.redibychelsea.com/2011/10/24/caribbean-athena-agate-crystal-cha...) It's also affordable so there won't be any budget problems on your part. I have the same piece and it really is just beautiful. You can wear it after your wedding too (like on casual days to glam up your outfit) so its not like its gonna be a one-time deal or anything. Its a good purchase so I hope you buy one too :)


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