As we all know, brides have multiple ways of showing their personality on their wedding day.  One of those ways is with their choice of shoe under the dress.  And if you’ve seen the cover of the June issue of BRIDES, she’s wearing a beautiful white dress with a yellow sash and yellow heels.  So, what are your thoughts?

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Flip flops are winning. :o)

Would love some more feedback!
Sashes and headpieces are always a great way to give your dress a whole new look especially if you're on a budget!

Ossai Bridal Accessories
Loving that more and more brides are thinking outside of traditional white. I love the traditional white but don't feel you HAVE to wear it... wear what you find comfortable!
Colored shoes are a great way to introduce your personality into your bridal fashion. Yellow shoes sound like they would be a lot of fun, especially in a Spring or Summer wedding!

One thing we always try to remind our brides is to consider where those shoes are going to go. The weddings we plan are outdoor wedding ceremonies in NYC's own Central Park, a beautiful location with natural decoration. However, like NYC, there tends to be a fair amount of walking involved on steps, bridges, grass and uneven ground. We would hate to see a bride ruin her shoes or not be able to feel comfortable walking in the shoes she picked for her special day.

Practice walking in the shoes you pick, and try them on with your dress and do more than just stand in them, make sure you can move in them easily and that they aren't going to get caught on your dress or anything else. That's the last thing you want to worry about as you head down the isle.

You might also want to contact your local dry cleaner prior to your wedding day to find out if they'll be able to clean your fantastic new shoes in the event that they do get a bit dirty.

Having an outdoor wedding? Consider passing these tips onto your bridal party and guests too! They'll thank you in the end for thinking of them.
HI There,

I worked with a bride last year, who had beautiful fuscia roses. The only other fuscia accent she wore were her shoes! They were adorable sandals- with a few rhinestones for sparkle. Who says you need to go down the traditional white route?

I actually wore white shoes for my wedding but when I did my bridal portraits I wore hot pink shoes. It really brought out my personality in the photos I thought. I had to have both color and white! lol. I just love the color trend because it really makes the wedding unique to the bride. :)



Actually, i'm going with the Barefoot Sandals that I make! :O)

now they are really cool. I live in Qld, Australia where beach weddings are very popular, these would be fantastic for our climate!


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@ Angela Love - Thank you!  This picture is actually from a recent wedding in Australia!
I love them, they are fab! What is your website, I want to show my daughters?


Wow, you do like them!  hee hee :)

I personally LOVE the transition from traditional to thinking outside the box with different colors and fun comfortable shoes! My only thought is to keep it want your shoes to show off your personality and uniqueness both at your event and in the photos. There are millions of fantastic shoes available that are fun and will complement you and your wedding.


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