As we all know, brides have multiple ways of showing their personality on their wedding day.  One of those ways is with their choice of shoe under the dress.  And if you’ve seen the cover of the June issue of BRIDES, she’s wearing a beautiful white dress with a yellow sash and yellow heels.  So, what are your thoughts?

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For my wedding I wore glass like slippers it was great. I have had many brides go with the flip flops as they felt their comfort was of the upmost importance and I agree. We just pick styles that would complement the style of the wedding as to still have classy photos. I like the Barefoot sandals I know many brides who would too.

I think that today brides are really wanting to be a bit more daring and really show their moxy but they are unsure of how to do it or are worried about coming off as tacky! I say, use the shoes girls!!!! You can have a beautiful gown and underneath rock an amazing pair of heels in whatever heel size you are comfortable with.  Go for a color that compliments the wedding or throw out your favorite color, wedding colors be damned, just to make yourself smile and set yourself apart! Afterall it is your day right?  I have designed some pretty kicken shoes for brides and watching them prance around with huge smiles on their faces as they pop their beautifully decorated feet out from under their gowns, is such an amazing site to see!  And if you play your cards right in the design, you will have an amazing pair of shoes to rock out on a date with your husband!! The way I see it, that's a win-win!
Alot of my brides are wearing flip flops - which is pretty normal for caribbean destination weddings
I dont want to wear traditional shoes. altho i found some cute traditional styled shoes that come in my color, but im thinking i want to go alittle more unique in the shoe area anyways... no one will see the shoes unless i show them or during the garter toss. i had a friend were lime green converse high tops at her wedding, she was very comfortable and seeing that lime green was her favorite color it was perfect.If any one wants more about the wedding resources,can use the wedding app and make use of it.

FI and I will be having a Mexican destination wedding next year. Though we've been thinking of having it here in L.A, we love the ocean thus the beach wedding! As for my shoes, I'll be wearing {Red-i} by Chelsea barefoot sandals like this one. 

 This isn't the actual one as I'm still thinking on whether or not getting these crystal colored barefoot jewelry over pink ones. Our theme is pink, silver and purple so perhaps I'd probably get this or with pink beads. Dunno if being overly pink is good or not. This can also be paired with  pumps. I respect the old school weddings but I'm luv to have a 2013 wedding!!! 


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