My fiances ideal wedding would be the two of us eloping. . . however thats not my idea.  I want to get married here and have a reception. I would love to have everyone invited to both the ceremony and the reception.  My fiance feels that the ceremony should be very intimate and just the two of us.  We have compromised to having a very small ceremony - only invite our parents and siblings.  How can I politely invite guests just to the reception?? Do we still make a wedding registery for gifts even though they won't be invited to the ceremony?






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It's your and your fiances day, do what you please. It is perfectly fine to have a small ceremony with just your immediate family. Just send out the invites for the reception. No need to send out anything for the wedding as you can tell your immediate family. Your invites can state - The Newly Married - Mr & Mrs John Smith invite you to celebrate their commitment to each other on this special day, etc.etc. It is also perfectly fine to register for gifts. You would be suprised at the people who only go to the wedding to get into the reception. You will probably be doing them a favor. Let me know what happens. Good luck and have a very special day.


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