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Can anyone tell me were to find favors for reception decoration on the tables, like Floating candels cylinders,wrought iron chandelier & floral stand, votive cnalde cylinders, handging votive cnadle holders, vintage phota frame for table numbers, items., items like this, couple of places to go to and check them out that good in price as i am buying this on my own. little by little with your breaking the bank. in live in the Inland Empire., i will get this from Koyal wholesale and save-on-craft but any others out there.


Looking to be successful in the wedding industry., any help and suggestion from my fellow vendors is always appreciated. Thank you Angie



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Try going to efavormart.com... also Unveiled Bridal Mart, google that one or yahoo it because it's a long Yahoo! store address, also beaucoup.com

Here's  a site you can chekout:


www.wedspace.com is another good source

Thank you everyone., any more stores are always welcome. I am looking for wrough iron 12"-18" tall table centerpieces for flower..in expensive? Real in expensive hurricanes about 24"-30 tall?


Thank You Angie

do you have a business license? What will be your category or profession in the wedding industry?

Hi Lequisha how are you? Yes i do have a business license. I am a wedding planner.

What do you do?

As another option, if you have a client that is having a photo booth at their reception - might I suggest a table decoration or escort card that doubles as a guest favor?

We have designer photo booth strip frames in standard acrylics as well as exclusive black glass, acrylic block, and silver aluminum 2x6 frames.  We also have a larger 4x6 in black glass and silver aluminum that also features a 2x6 strip, perfect for a bridal party gift idea or gifts to the parents of the bride and groom. 

We have frames to meet any budget.   

Some pics attached.

Visit our website at www.1stopphotoboothshop.com to view more products and offerings by 1 Stop Photo Booth Shop and Fabulous Photo Favors and More.


Kay McGee



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