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Hi Guys, Could I get your advice?
I use two branding images to market two different demographics of brides. My luxury brides (4-12k photography packages) are targeted using ads pointing them to, while the more budget bride (2-4k) is led to My blog allows someone to visit both:
Could you give me your opinion of the perception of
a) the look and feel of the two www sites and effectiveness for the targeted demographic
b) suggestions for improvement. What do you like? What don't you like?

Do you think having the vivid memories site degrades the reputation of the theresa minnette site?
Thanks! And if any of you want to network for weddings in SoCal, lemme know!


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Hi, Theresa,
I love the site much better. It is a richer site. Like the variance of smaller photo icons and more of them than two large on the other site. I think the vivid memories site works much better for your demographics - especially since you are giving them many options for getting to know you and your products/services. Would love to network with you. I am a wedding planner in Upstate NY.
Wow, Thanks for the feedback. Exactly opposite what I expected. I literally have 10 times more effort in my vivid memories site, but a lot of people like the other one more. Its good to hear that the vivid memories site isn't obsolete!
I'll add you as a friend, and welcome working with you!
Thanks you for taking the time to comment..

Thank you! My background/degree is in Professional and Technical Communication and Journalism Technology. I really love your site!
Theresa, I don't have a lot of time right now, and will revisit when I do. My biggest first impression is - I really do NOT like the RED background. The photos are so awesome and the red "steals" your eyes away from them. Cheryl
I own a stationery store doing custom invitations but am a trained graphic illustrator (used to work for the Grand Tradition from time to time and am moving back to Fallbrook)I see that you have used standard ,offered ,templates and of course they look good.You might want to consider,since your focus is photography,some flash. I am not fond of the red background.I am sure you know there is a psychology of colour,red may not be the one colour you want for a bridal site,pay attention to chiascuro(light against dark) as well. On the whole,they good good.experiment with fonts too,although the site that offered these templates,may not have the vast selection you want. Best wishes
I'm getting lots of feedback on the red. You guys definitely have me thinking about changing it!


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