Dunkin Donuts is making a royal wedding donut, GE has a royal wedding fridge and Papa Johns has a royal wedding pizza.


Hey fellow vendors, are you creating anything special for the royal wedding next week?

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Indeed I am!  I wrote a custom love song in honor of Prince William and Kate Middleton. I thought it would be a fun way to promote my custom songs business.  Turns out it was a really sentimental experience writing it.


You can hear the song, read the lyrics and the Story Behind the Song at http://www.writemyweddingsong.blogspot.com


Thanks for asking!


Now a Royal Wedding Sick Bag???

I haven't created anything for it, but since I'm up so early every day, I'm sure I'll watch it while I have my coffee. :)




I am not creating anything either but I am a bit exited about the wedding, I can't help it.  I still remember when my sis and I woke up early for the Charles and Diana wedding about 30 years ago. Yikes! that long! I guess we want to see what Kate's dress will be like and over all exited  because its Princess Diana's son,  I am sure a lot of people will be missing her.


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