Hello Ladies!

I am looking for a rustic reception venue that is within an hour or so from Baltimore and can accommodate around 200 guests.

I'd LOVE to find a old barn! You would think it wouldn't be that hard, given all the farm land around, but it is proving to be quite difficult!

I've found a few places online and visited some in person, but most of them were too small or just not right.

Thanks for any and all suggestions!!!

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Have  you tried the Otter Barn in Columbia, as well I just got this in an email today, I haven't looked at the site yet, but have heard great things, Hope this helps,,, Have your wedding on our farm, either outdoor or indoor or use both areas! Indoor area is 75' by 75' for a total of over5,500cubic feet enough for a wedding of 350 people seated with room for dancing. The outside flat area can accommodate a wedding tent of 110 ft.long by 200 ft. wide with ample space for parking. You may involve our horses in your wedding if you wish at an extra cost. Private caterer services can be used along with alcohol to a limited extent to save you a lot of money. D-J can be hired or a string quartet can make your wedding that special event! Contact the owner, David for your unique needs to make your wedding that perfect affair at 717-993-9677. Set up a time to visit the facility at your convenience.



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