An alert for the wedding community... I have received multiple emails from this person claiming to plan a wedding. After some research on the internet, the same person writes to performers, people with homes to rent, etc with a similar premise.

These types of scams often run in the form of purchase of services using credit cards. They send you a higher amount than quoted then expect you to refund the difference. The credit cards are often stolen, so the credit card company will void the amount at a later date.

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From: Baird Alvin
Sent: Thu, Jul 23, 2009 9:26 am
Subject: Promptly Advise

Hello, My name is Sir,Baird Alvin, i want to believe that you are a professional wedding planner/coordinator.i am a medical consultant by profession. Presently i am in Manchester. My lovely daughter found her heartthrob early last year and they are going to wed by 27th September 2009. For the love i have for my daughter, i decided to carter for the wedding as a surprise package for her and her fiance. Please i want you to handle the wedding arrangements on their behalf as my would-be in law is a citizen of your country and as a result he wants the wedding in his country. Please get back to me with any of the services which you can provide as regards the wedding arrangement of my daughter. -Reception, in a 3 or 4 star hotel within your location. - Wedding cakes and decorations. - Foods and drinks. As a matter of fact an estimate of 72 Guest will be expected including the VIP's of which are my Honorable friends and the bridesmaid.if there are more necessary arrangement kindly include them. Wedding Budget is at the range of (50,000.00 US Dollars) for now. It could be reviewed to be increased or reduced latter depending on the outcome of the arrangements process unfold Please do let me have the details and your deposit so that i can forward my credit card details and all i should know so we can make about the services you can provide as regards the arrangement. Estimates and calculations should be based on the quoted get back to me with your Grand total cost/deposite payment so as to proceed with embark on the payment.advise, if you are interested by a return email or call for more details.Cell: +447-045-707-527 i trust the above stated is in order? Regards,

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OMG!! I just received this exact email like 3 days ago!! Thanks for the notice!! I will also pass the word!!!
I got it too. I hate that people get these emails and think its ok to do that. They do the same thing if you are look for apartments on different sites come up with wild stories I'd rather listen to my 3 year olds tall tales.
you can tell a scam letter by the poor grammar and spelling. I have received these plus many more scam letters. I told one that I would report him to CISIS and Interpol if he continued to send me these stupid scam emails.

I didn't hear from any for awhile but they are back again....never ever take these seriously. Especially with them using a credit card. Good luck....oh, don't do what I did....I actually broke one....I kept him on the hook, he tried to woo me, I never once believed him. He wanted me to send him money. I said I would, never did but he finally couldn't take it any longer and finally confessed he did it because he needed money.

He says we are too easy and believe too easily......I don't believe these emails and the ones where my email has won millions and millions of dollars....

Good luck!! Just be aware....
Um...I hope no one is naive enough to fall for this!


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