When my original wedding venue fell through I was a little panicked, but lucky for me I found the perfect replacement venue. The only problem is that the replacement is about 2 hours away from the original one... in a far suburb. This isn't a problem for my finance's family because they live in that direction and would be driving an hour either way; but my family is showing a bit of disgruntlement towards my now "Semi-destination" wedding. It's not even a real destination wedding and I hate that my mom has started calling it that! I never thought about it that way but now my mom is going off about how I should rent a bus for the people coming from the city. She says because it's so far it's not fair of me to make people, especially the elderly people attending to try and find a way out there. I'm a bit frustrated at her because I know for a fact that the family she's referring to would be carpooling together anyways.  My grandfather even joke threatened me with not coming if I don't provide transportation but I don't think that's fair either. My fiance's family was willing to drive the hour and a half to the downtown core if that was what was required of them (confirmed when I was looking at potential replacement venues), why should I have to convince my family to drive instead. Am I being unreasonable? It's only about a 1/3 of the guests that will have to drive more than an hour or so....

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My reception was at the now closed "Tavern on the Green" and I got a lot of flack for having it there because the majority of my family lived in NJ, an hour away. Sigh. Sometimes it just seems as if people like to complain just to complain. My Grandfather hardly ventures from his neighborhood and when he drives to a few towns over it takes a awhile because he drives 30 miles an hour at all times. You are being so very reasonable and have it where you desire...
I wish you luck and to not worry about it!
You have done the best you can given the circumstances. Your family should be understanding and if not then they will have to live with the decision for years to come. Send out a note to your family explaining the circumstances and advise of the new location. State you hope they will be able to attend and maybe they can carpool with other guests in their area. If unable to make it, you can send them pictures of the event they missed. Thank them for their understanding and seal it with LOVE. Hope this helps.

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