Dear Wedding Professional: 

Do you have Facebook marketing questions?  Next Tuesday (February 19, 2013), I'll be re-releasing my Facebook marketing course for wedding professionals. For one week, you'll be able to access this course, which includes 2 free videos AND over 15 videos that will teach you everything that you need to know to attract 2.3 million brides on Facebook. Even better - it will teach you how to stay on top of Facebook in just 15 minutes per day. 

What should you do??? As I put the final touches on the course, I want hear from you.

  1. Please share 1-2 of your biggest Facebook blunders, needs, challenges, or concerns.  Tell me what you wish I could help you with when it comes to Facebook.  Share your thoughts in the discussion thread below.
  2. To get extra business exposure, be sure to include your business name as well as a link to your website and/or blog.


Thanks in advance for your help.  I can't wait to share my Facebook tips and best practices with you!

Christine Dyer, Social Media Expert and Founder of


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I just recently created my  Facebook page.  Perhaps it is my age, but facebook makes very little sense on how it operates.  My biggest blunder(s) is not understanding basic stuff like LIKES.  After all, how in the world do you select LIKES?  Building a community seems to be time consuming as well.

I am sure it is useful, but it would be nice to know the most efficient way to manage facebook and other social networks.  In the past, it use to be a great website was enough, then it was google ads, now Facebook.  I still am not convienced Facebook is as viable and necessary for businesses....time will tell.


Thanks and I look forward to seeing your tips.


Craig Bennett

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Hi Christine

What suggestions do you have to continually find useful creative content and interesting ideas for brides that can then be presented as great blogs and posts on Facebokk and Twitter.  I don't have time every day to come up with my own photos and ideas - where should I find them?  What are your thoughts about using/sharing ideas posted by others in the business?


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