Dear Wedding Professional: 

Do you have Facebook marketing questions?  Next Tuesday (February 19, 2013), I'll be re-releasing my Facebook marketing course for wedding professionals. For one week, you'll be able to access this course, which includes 2 free videos AND over 15 videos that will teach you everything that you need to know to attract 2.3 million brides on Facebook. Even better - it will teach you how to stay on top of Facebook in just 15 minutes per day. 

What should you do??? As I put the final touches on the course, I want hear from you.

  1. Please share 1-2 of your biggest Facebook blunders, needs, challenges, or concerns.  Tell me what you wish I could help you with when it comes to Facebook.  Share your thoughts in the discussion thread below.
  2. To get extra business exposure, be sure to include your business name as well as a link to your website and/or blog.


Thanks in advance for your help.  I can't wait to share my Facebook tips and best practices with you!

Christine Dyer, Social Media Expert and Founder of


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Hi Christine,

What is your opinion on using polls on facebook? Do you feel that they help to build a fan base? Have you had experience with them being helpful in your marketing? What do you feel is the best application for a facebook page to get fans involved?

Hi Christine,

I have a group I would like to promote on facebook. What is a good and effective way to do so that it becomes viral.

Thank you.

Solstice Travel
Hi Christine,

We have facebook fan (page for some time, however,it is really feel hard to let fans to join and interactive my posts and messages. I have learnt some ideas about promote fan page on facebook which are keeping replying to others' posts and posting topics, news,information on own walls. My question is that I did keep updating the topics and news about our site or dresses,and even held spcecial free offer promotion for our fans, however, the effect is not so good as we imaged. What 's other specific suggestion could be informed? Thanks.

How do you possibly keep up with it all? It seems like I don't have time to tweet, and update facebook, keep up with my blog..blah, blah, blah. It's all so overwhelming. I feel like I should choose one thing and do it well instead of falling behind with all of them. What do you think?
I'm of the opinion that you should try to diversify but it's not as difficult as it seems. Have you tried and/or to help you keep track of it all?

I agree with Liz and Jen.

Marie Glodt

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I feel the same way!!! I am waiting for my new site to go live and then I will start blogging!  Who has the time?  It does seem that FB at least is the way to go currently but I am hearing more and more about pinterest, doing videos, etc.  There's just So much marketing to do!

As Wedding Professionals should we be "talking" other other wedding professionals or to brides on Twitter/Facebook?
I talk to my Brides quite a bit on Facebook, help them with their farms, cafes or whatever! Comments are fine, but if its business, I always write them a personal note via Facebook or email, no wall posts for that. I think its a nice way to be involved, but not over-involved.
I 'talk' to other pros on twitter mostly and on my business pages on facebook i 'talk' to brides.  Think of your facebook business page as an extension of your website and your twitter account as online networking.
What kind of content creates a following on Twitter/Facebook? Should we be incorporating a lot of information about weddings or just about our niche?
I would like to get more fans for our Facebook page. Do you have any suggestions for accomplishing this?


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