Writing your own vows is both very special and very ambitious. It’s a sweet touch that very young or ultra-modern couples choose to integrate into a non-traditional wedding ceremony. It can allow a true moment of intimacy at the altar and allow your guests a glimpse of what your love is founded on.
To be honest, it is not an easy feat. So many people may love their future spouse very much but get stumped when writing vows. Why? It’s not that they don’t adore the other person. It’s not that they don’t have nice things to say. It’s just that the significance of the milestone can be so overwhelming that it causes even the most skillful writers to “clam up.” Moreover, inexperienced writers may not know how to express all their love eloquently and succinctly in words.
So, how can you shake the wedding vow writer’s block and pen something that will make guests smile and your partner swoon?

Here are some tips to help you begin to personalize your wedding vows today.

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