Have you considered using silk flowers for your destination wedding?  About 20% of our silk flower bridal packages are ordered specifically to ease the concern of travelling with fresh flowers, or the practicality of working long distance with a fresh florist in another city, state, country.  


There are some brides who are very happy with using silk, and some who would never dream of not using fresh. 


How do you feel about using silk flowers over fresh for your destination wedding? 

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If brides are traveling outside the country, silks are a great idea. Since flowers cannot be transported outside the country and flowers cannot be transported back to the US from other destinations, it makes sense if the bride really wants a great keepsake.

Afloral Blog: Silk Weddings!
Top 10 reasons to choose silk flowers:

1. Won’t wilt or turn brown. Always look fresh.
2. Extensive variety of colors and styles.
3. Are everlasting and non-seasonal.
4. Lighter to carry than fresh.
5. Less expensive than fresh.
6. Easily transported and no refrigeration.
7. Non-allergenic. (Note: They can be scented).
8. Petals do not drop.
9. Can receive them weeks in advance of the ceremony.
10. Do not attract bees and other insects.

Yes I agree 100%!

Here's a guide to some more non-floral options for traveling brides.

Depending on your requirement you can choose natural or artificial silk flowers. If you want to add special attraction to your hair for your wedding then go for silk flowers. You can find an extensive collection of real nice artificial silk flowers options to choose from usually.

If you need some more information on Silk flowers check out this site http://www.silkflowerwedding.com/  I found it helpful for my own wedding.

I too agree that it is up to one’s personal preference that whether they want natural flowers or can adjust with silk flowers. However, no one can deny the benefits of silk flowers especially for destination weddings and also when you want to keep them for longer span of time.

I am a great fan of silk flowers - I have bought here before  Artificial Flowers

I'd have to go with fresh.


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