We were curious to see what are your thoughts on the Slide shows at the weddings. When do you think is the best time to show them...during the cocktail hour, during dinner, or just have it play throughout the entire reception?

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One time that works really well is as the guests are entering the reception room and being seated. There can often be quite a bit of a delay getting them all at the right tables, and waiting for the bridal party to get ready for their big entrance!

Depending on the layout of the room it could work being played in the background during dinner as well, but you wouldn't want it to be too intrusive and distracting from general conversation.
If it is a slideshow to music, it is best just before speeches. I have shown "lovewalk" video montages this way. You can view one of my reception video presentations through this link: http://affiliate.kickapps.com/_SG-LOVEWALKflv/video/547069/92377.html. When this was presented before the speeches, it is a great segway in giving the speakers even more to talk about and the guests to see something as a transition to speeches.

If it is without music, it can play throughout the entire reception with your DJ playing instrumental music when there are no speeches or speakers.
I just coordinated a wedding where the slideshow was played during dinner. There is usually not much activity going on during this time, so the guests were able to actually watch the slideshow without so much other activity going on around them that they couldn't really focus on it. I though it was the perfect time to feature the slideshow.
Thank you all for ur ideas...they've been super helpful.. we appreciate it!
I like the idea of showing it between dinner and desert
Slide shows can be a very nice part of a wedding reception. However, there can also be too much of a good thing. When working with our brides, we suggest the slide show (if they are planning one) run during the cocktail/dinner segment of the event. This gives everyone a change to check it out. As the other events following diner take place (cake cutting, toasts, etc.) you'll want the audience's full attention and involvement. In all cases, we advise, when the dance floor is opened for dancing, do not have distractions, interruptions or stops for other activities. Once the "energy" of the dance floor is lost, it's almost impossible for the DJ or band to regain it. In our Engagement and Wedding Planning Guide which Moonlight Mobile Music gives with each of our personal consultations, there is a complete chapter dealing with the flow of a wedding reception or other event. Keeping guests interested and involved lends much to the success of an event. Don't let them become bored - that's when they head for the exit and the party begins to fizzle out.
I usually show them after wedding cake. It is funny to show also photos of the day. If the photographer is a quick person he can download photos of the wedding in a PC and then show them.


Fabrizio Mengasini
Slide shows can be very fun and classy when played at the right time during a wedding. I've had brides play them during the cocktail hours, before the grand entrance, right after the grand entrance so the bride and groom can see too, and before the ceremony. In order for it to look good, you need to be in an indoor setting and it needs to look professional. It usually works best when appropriate music goes along with it.
You guys have been great with your responses... our bride has decided that she wants the slide show while dinner is being served....which we agree is a good idea, as nobody will be dancing at that time and the bride and groom can also see the presentation with everyone..

Thanks again :)
Slideshow? the best time to show, after they ate the main course. when everybody is busy talking with someone and almost bored waiting for the program to start. Once they see that projector screen on & dimmed that light. They are ready to scream & see every picture shown on the screen. you don't wanna show your hard work that people will just ignore & not pay attention to. speaking thru experienced. - ashley (videographer) http://adxpression.smugmug.com/
I would go for after the entrance of the bride and bridegroom.
It captures more attention from the guests and all could enjoy it!
It will be best if the slides show were being played while they are settling down before the actual dinner. :)


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