I was recently at a networking event and a fellow Wedding Planner told me "if you are not on Facebook you are missing over 70% of your business!" so my question to planners  what form of Social Media Marketing do you prefer Twitter, Facebook,LinkedIn etc. and why?  I have spoken to quite a few planners regarding this and none have said they found that statement to be true... Brides what form of Social Media Marketing do you use to find your wedding vendors?

Please list your location..


Also lease take a moment to read my blog post .Social Media Marketing please leave a comment so I know what your thoughts are on this.

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I have not found that to be true either, however I am on Facebook and Twitter; Linkedin only for professionals in the industry; As far as I know most brides select their vendor through word of mouth or bridal shows
I'm not a planner, but I would be surprised if that was true.  It's been fun to interact on facebook, but, none of my customers *decided* to place an order with me because I was on facebook.  Linkedin is more about connecting with other professionals- Marketing there maybe could focus on corporate/business event planning?

I have found that it is a Twitter and Facebook are great networking tools to interact with other planners and vendors, but not too many Brides contacting me for my services.  However, I did book one Bride thru Facebook :)

I think Facebook, has to be my choice, is easy to use. You can interact more easily with customers and other vendors.
I think Twitter and Facebook help you get found which sometimes is half (or most of) the battle.


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