My husband is fretting about father of bride speech
He wants to say how beautiful our daughter looks as he sees 
Her for the 1st time in her wedding dress. But can't 
Put it into words. Help .

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A role that often gets overlooked for much needed support is the father of the bride (FOB).  His is an emotional one as he is usually giving away his little girl after loving and caring her for her since the day she was born.  I love that you are looking out for your hubby.  One thing that may help ease his anxiety is to put some of his main points down on a cue card.  That way, even if he decides to speak from the heart, he has the card to lean on with all of the things he wants to be sure to say during his speech.  Assure him that there is really no way to mess anything up, as his honest words are guaranteed to mean everything to your daughter.


My suggestion is to don't be nervous.Be brave and more confident while give the speeches.If have shortages of content,search in online and get the content.Before giving the speech,give rehearsal speech alone in room.If any one needs help to plan a wedding,they may use the wedding planner iPad app and get gain from it.

Here are two websites that have helped my client's fathers and I hope you get the same experience - enjoy


Recently one of my brides father's did a speech who was a nervous wreck.  He decided to make statements and then the d.j. played a song.  For example, "talked about her growing up and the teen age years" then the d.j. played the song "girl your amazing just the way you are" by Bruno Mars.  It continued on with about 3 more songs....It may sound corny but it was actually nicely done.


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