Hi Everyone :)

My boudoir photography is mostly word of mouth, but I am pulling my hair out trying to find new ways to reach non-referred clients. Most websites/blogs etc seem to cater to just wedding photographers - while I do limited weddings, what I really want to do is reach brides who would like to surprise the groom with a boudoir album.

Any suggestions?



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Hi Allie. It's a great question. As a photographer who does more than just weddings, it's one I've struggled with too. How do you reach more clients while protecting the privacy of the ones you have?

I'm going to assume you have them all sign releases and set the expectation that their images may be used for the purpose of advertising your business. If that's the case, I would set up a business facebook page with key photos from each session in galleries. Don't tag your clients, but invite them to "Like" your business and give them the opportunity to tag themselves if the photos are something they want displayed for all to see on their own wall. Both the "Like" and the photos will help increase the word-of-mouth traffic you're already getting. 

Outside of that, if you've got a blog, write articles that are helpful to potential clients about things they worry about before coming in... Skin care, hair coloring, how to choose a hot, flattering outfit for their body shape, make-up, and anything else you've ever had to advise them on over the course of doing business. Post links to these helpful tips anywhere your future clients may be: here, twitter, facebook, etc. This will build credibility, set you up as the local subject matter expert, and increase your network of potential referrals. Even as someone who's not shopping for your services right now, I know I'd read such posts and forward them along. I'm sure others will feel the same.

My last suggestion is more expensive, and that is to put together a couple of beautifully bound "for his eyes only" photo books from a couple of your favorite sessions, pay the ridiculous fee to have a booth in a bridal snow, and show those things off till the sun goes down!

I hope some of this was helpful. Best of luck!
Thank you so much for the reply!

I love the idea of writing article on my blog catering to concerns about the session - I have not done that yet.

I have toyed with the idea of the bridal show, I might have to just bite the bullet and do it :)



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