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Manzanita tree..where to find a wholesale?

Or a idea how to make them?

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thank you so much, Caren! I loved it the website.. lots of cool stuff! thanks again!
Best thing to do is tofind a local floral supply vendor and see if they carry manzanita branches because it costs so much to ship them being oddly shaped and all. For the crystals, that would be a local beadery store, and string a few of them and hang it. I used plaster to stabilize it in the vase but it's pretty heavy. I have read that you can put insulation material also, the one that dries up and a florist said that floral stores carries some type of glue for dried arrangements, forgot what it was called.

I attached the one I made.
Thank you again guys. Local wholesalers are charging around $20.00 per a single brunch. Online prices are better if you need to buy 10 or more..:) All the ideas are great.


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