Wedding Professionals: If you use PayPal for your wedding business, please share a testimonial below.

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I use PayPal on BridalTweet to easily accept payments from my advertising partners. I've been so happy with this service. It enables me to receive payments quickly. I don't have to deal with any collection hassles and their fees are pretty reasonable. Based on all of these positive factors, I have identified PayPal as a trusted business service. I have partnered with PayPal and now recommend this service to other wedding professionals.
I use paypal and love hassel!
I know this topic is a little but is PayPal easy to setup. There are so many options I don't know which one to select!
I do too.. love and recommend all my Brides as a first option for payments - there is no wrong with PayPal!
I switched to Pay-Pal from collecting MC, Visa & Discover myself about a year ago. They can still use their credit card, but I don't have to deal w/ the machine, the monthly collection and fees from the credit card companies. I can send them an invoice and since I do so many on-line orders for my brides, I can pay the companies by Pay-Pal. It makes all of our lives easier. Absolutely love it.


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