I do some researches online, and one of them is about the most popular color for 2010.
Here is the link:

Out of 7 brides, 4 are into the pinks.. how about yours?

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I love turquoise too..but all my brides are going towards pinks.
I was just wondering if pink was the color of the weddings for you too.
It is for me.
I believe that there will always be standard colors that brides prefer and pink is one of them. Trendy colors tend to be a little risky at times, because once a bride realizes that this color will always be associated with her wedding for the rest of her life, she may change her mind. In a tactful way I do bring this to the bride's attention. That's why in consulting brides on their color choices I usually present primary colors as possible selections.

I do like turquoise and many colors can mix well with it, however suggesting that it be used as accent rather than base color is usually a safer way to go.
Brown & purple will be quite a challenge I should think, Glen. However with your experience I am sure you will be able to pull it off in some lovely way. Color choice does make you wonder how some minds work through.
I am a planner in Pennsylvania (Poconos/Lehigh Valley area) and so far I've been seeing a lot red.... dresses, that is. Although, I have a wedding in September where the bride is incorporating all the beautiful fall colors: gold, red, green - LOVE IT! :o)
Haven't seen any requests for turquoise, yet. But most of my brides, particularly in the last couple of years, have chosen pinks. Lovely color -- but I am sooo looking forward to seeing something different.

Here is my Bridal Bouquet from yesterday.. Loved it! Pinks..:)


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