As many of us are aware many of the recent brides are on very tight budgets. So the brides have been turning to DIY to save money. Now I am a huge fan of DIY for those who have the time and are creative. But most brides don't realize the time and money that goes into DIY. Especially when mistakes are made.
As vendors what can we do to either embrace this movement or convice the brides they can get what they need with a professional. My initial idea is to encourage couples to review their guest lists. Suddenly a budget of $5,000 can go a lot further when the list goes from 150 to 75.

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We are seeing an increase in smaller weddings, small intimate groups, but with all the frills to make the day special.  This is obviously a reflection of the higher costs for getting married in Italy, or for destination weddings.  There is a definite trend to have their wedding day with just themselves, or close family, and then returning home to a party.  Costs of town hall fees in Italy for non-european citizens isn't helping, but we are finding the answer is to have a 'symbolic' ceremony, using the money saved to perhaps rent a private palace, or something else unique and special.

We certainly try to work to each couple's budget and have lots of ideas to help.

I think DIY makes sense for some things and not others. If it's going to take you so much time before your wedding that you don't have time to just be a bride (or groom), then it's not worth it even if you do save money. if it's something like leaf bouquets or some small hair accessory it's fine. But something like baking your own wedding cake or making your own dress seems like it would take all your time.

If I were a bride, I would have fun creating a few things myself and leave the fancy things to a professional. Many of my bridal customers are choosing the DIY route and with that, they will buy products they can use to make creations for the project they are working on.

I think DIY should be encouraged. It gives weddings a more personal look, and brides are still going to hire vendors for the parts they don't want to do themselves.


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