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After meeting a potential client,and thinking all went well! I understood, that they have more interviews to do, they mention they would make their decision by February as,their wedding date is 2011, however, My concern is..Should I send emails to keep in touch with them? Dropping little hints? How often should I send email?.I don't want to seem pushy, but I have heard that "The early bird get's the worm"! I'm interested in knowing what other's would do in the same situation? (They also mention they will be attending the San Diego Bridal Show, and would stop by the booth).This would be approx. three weeks from consulting date). Any advice, suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Send email...but don't make it always about business. Send a "greeting", or a funny image. Nothing too outrageous and cuss-free, so you don't offend. (in case they don't cuss)
Ty the Fiancee2Be,

Thank so much , for your reply, I really appreciate your point prospective
from a bride to be! This is a great ideal!

Thanks, and Congratulations
on your up and coming wedding!!
I would simply send a thank you e-mail telling them you enjoyed meeting them (if you did indeed enjoy it), and perhaps mention one or two things they mentioned and how you look forward to hopefully working with them in the future. Short, sweet, and polite.
Thank You Sandra,

I did send them this after our initial consult. Do you think another one is pushing it? Should I just wait till the Bridal Show, and mention it again?
Best Regards,
That waiting game can be such a puzzle!! Since you've already sent a follow-up email, I would send one reminding them of the Bridal Show, and maybe your booth#. If you have discount passes to the show, offer to pass them along.

Awesome thought, Thanks, for Advice!!

Mickey Long

Thank you for the information, I'm checking in to the discount tickets now, So hopefully I will be able to send them to the couple and express my excitement to seeing them there.

Thanks again,
Mickey Long
I would send them an email saying you look forward to seeing them again at the Bridal Show. Let them know you are available for any other questions that may have come up since you met with them.

Thank you for the suggestion,I appreciate the comment, and I will be sending a friendly reminder today of the Bridal Show and say I look forward to seeing them,and if they have any questions. I will be available

I hope this bird get the worm.
Thanks again,
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Hi Mickey,
Absolutely keep in touch! Do send a thank you note to the bride for her taking the time to discuss her wedding plans with you.
Do you have a newsletter that you could send the bride to keep your name fresh in her mind?
E-mail the bride once a month to just ask how she coming along with her wedding plans and be sure to remind her that you are there for her if she has any questions.
Hope this helps.

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