It's no secret that meetings can, well, suck.  Meetings are long, people have side conversations and sometimes the leader can't control an overly chatty person.  You know the drill.
I'm finishing a workbook for my March call on how to save a dysfunctional meeting without looking like a jerk and a few tips on being a better leader when you're in charge.  It would be great to use 'real life' examples (anonymously, of course) to demonstrate the tips!

So, please tell me about the worst meeting you ever attended or the group meeting pet peeves that drives you crazy!  Thanks!  Dina

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Oh, I hear you. Nobody likes the meeting bully. Sadly, I think that person is often well intentioned but not skillful enough at advocating for her ideas. Just talking, talking, talking, half out of passion, half out of fear. I been there!

What's so frustrating, I think, is that everyone is waiting for the leader to wrestle the meeting back from this person, somehow. Oy! That's when my superpowers really come in handy! I use my superhuman capacity for compassion (and use a compound question to redirect back to a group discussion).

I'd forgotten how annoying that can be! I'll definitely use this example; it's classic! Thanks, Dorinda!


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