Okay Wedding Professionals the $1,000,000 dollar question of the day is . . . what do you put on your feet while working a wedding?  Do you go for fashion over function? 

I learned my lesson the hard way.  I always wore heels, well not just heels but HIGH heels because I just felt I looked better and felt more professional and  "business like".  You see with flats I feel stumpy and well just not good.  I finally was so tired of not being able to walk for 2 days after a wedding I just sucked it up, swallowed my narcisistic pride and broke down and bought a pair of Dansko's and can I tell you - I am in HEAVEN!!!!  Mary Jane's even.  They have a heel and more support than a girl could ask for. I am forever a changed women and can now say I treat my feet with tender loving care!  Afterall, they have to take me a long way in life!


 Just curious as to what the consensus is out there?  Would love to hear your take on shoes!


Here's To You . . .


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I wear heels but bring flats with me and change into them at the end of the evening when I'm cleaning up; but I will take a look at these dansko's
I have worn high heels for 15 years.  You probably won't believe this but if I wear flat shoes my back hurts more so for me.... I am sticking with the heels!!
I wear flats. But cute ones. =) It's your job as a vendor to make sure everything is running smoothly for the bride. You want to make sure you can do the job as comfortably as possible. =) LOVE me some heels, but they outdo me most of the time.. lol
I wear flat shoes during set up and break down, but my heels are on before the first guest arrives.  Same with my team.
Well, as a photographer I do have to sacrifice fashion over comfort,  i am always moving around and sometimes I have to run to get the shot, things that i cannot do while wearing heals! so  a nice comfortable elegant flat shoe will do for me.  I know of photographers who wear heals , I just feel I might get hurt with all the moving around ,  not allowing me to do the job.   When I have a beach wedding I go barefoot! while on the beach.
That makes sense.  I don't think I've ever seen a photographer in heels, but if I did I would ask what in the world they were thinking!


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